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IV Therapy

Do you want to protect your body and boost your immune system within minutes? Feel energetic and alert without caffeine? Absorb 100% of vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health? Then IV hydration therapy is for you!! Invest in your health and wellness. Schedule your appointment today.

What is it?

Infusion therapy (also known as IV therapy) is a method of administering fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream. IV therapy is best known for its ability to hydrate your body and make you feel your best. It’s the fastest way possible to deliver essential nutrients to your body at higher levels and concentrations possible than by oral consumption. When taken by mouth, nutrients must first enter your digestive system and then be processed for absorption before entering the bloodstream. IV therapy bypasses digestion and the supplements delivered intravenously are immediately available for your body to utilize. There is no wait time for breakdown of nutrients. Your body absorbs everything it needs. If you are interested in a helpful energy boost from a curated cocktail of vitamins and minerals, then t IV infusion is for you. Its protective properties support your immune functions and ensure optimal levels of necessary nutrients in your body.

What are the benefits?

People who receive IV therapy report improved mood, better sleep, greater energy levels, and other benefits of good health. Infusing is also beneficial for people that have conditions that affect the gastrointestinal (GI) tract including celiac disease, inflammation, gastric weightloss surgery, food intolerance, and allergies. IV infusions can also promote faster weight loss, alleviate hangover symptoms, treat certain nutrient deficiencies, cleanse your body of toxins and free radicals, ease anxiety, and promote relaxation.

How long does an infusion take?

Most infusions are completed in 1-1/2 to hours

Protect your body and strengthen your immune system

IV Drips

Myers’ Cocktail: Includes a combination of IV fluids, vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants that are effective at treating a range of conditions $215

Migraine Relief: This cocktail contains pain, anti-inflammatory, and anti-nausea medication along with magnesium to bring about fast headache relief $225

Basic Hydration: Feel healthy and hydrated from the inside out with fluid replenishment $115

Alcohol Recovery: Packed with electrolytes, anti-nausea, and pain medication, you will be feeling back to normal within minutes after a night of alcohol overindulgence $180

Stomach Virus Relief: Re-hydrate your depleted body with electrolytes and vitamins to quickly recover from volume loss and other symptoms associated with a stomach virus. $175

Pre-Menstrual Relief: Eliminate monthly bloating, irritability, cramping, and pre-menstrual stress with this cocktail blend. $175

Energy Boost: This mix of IV fluids, electrolytes and vitamins will give you a boost of energy while improving focus leaving you feeling energetic and improving your overall wellness. $155

Fountain of Youth: Turn back the hands of time with this blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and strong antioxidants that detoxify your body, improve skin elasticity, rejuvenate your skin, hair, and nails, and improve your overall complexion. $250

Athletic Performance: This mix is great or strength, energy, and recovery. Recover from workouts and illness. Tailored to decrease inflammation, flush out toxins and lactic acid, it revitalizes your body resulting in faster recovery and muscle healing. $225

Super Immunity Boost: Supercharge your immune system and defend yourself against viruses, colds, and infections with this drip packed full of mega doses of zinc and vitamin C. $250


The Energy Shot

Vitamin B12 is an important vitamins that your body needs to be able to produce red blood cells that work properly to carry oxygen around your body. This energy shot helps to reduce symptoms such as fatigue and lack of energy and works quickly. $25

The Skinny Shot

This fat burning (liphotrophic) B12 shot is intended to increase the rate of fat metabolism in the body thereby burning more energy and reducing fat stores. Increased energy levels are typically felt immediately. Fat loss, when combined with proper diet and exercise, is noticeable in about 30 days. The lipotropic boosting effect usually lasts for one week. $35

What is the difference between the Energy Shot and the Skinny Shot?

While both contain Vitamin B12, Lipotropic injections have additional nutrients to further enhance weight loss. They are used to help with generalized weight loss by boosting energy and metabolism in addition to increasing removal of fat from the body.


Biotin $40

Vitamin C $40

Magnesium $30

Glutathione $100

Pain medication $30

Nausea medication $30

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